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Drop Internet Explorer December 8, 2007

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by: Wit 9JM

You should quit using this thing called “Internet Explorer”. If you don’t know what is Internet Explorer then you are probably using it. If you don’t know what is a web browser then you are probably using Internet Explorer.

If you don’t care about what is a web browser, that’s okay, we support you. End-users shouldn’t care about what is the browser nor should they care about what happens inside their computers–they use computers to do their job, just like a taxi driver is using the car to transport his passengers and shouldn’t need to care about what’s inside his car or how is it working.

But no matter who you are, there’s one thing you should care about: the future. The future of Web is doomed as long as Internet Explorer is being used by 95% of the web surfers. There are provable, technical and administrative reasons for this affirmation and we will present them in this website in a manner that can be easily understood by anyone.

Our mission is to convince you to use any other browser but not Internet Explorer. We care about this because we’re developers, concerned with technical problems that Internet Explorer has and other browsers don’t. While we do support Internet Explorer, we found ourselves many times constrained by its less-than-mediocre support for actual Web technologies. We want this to change but Microsoft does nothing about it because they don’t have a reason to put efforts into it. You could give them that reason. Switch your browser to something better, and you won’t regret, and you won’t want to come back.



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